Using PowerShell to Demo C# and .NET

I have an intern working with us and he is writing some PowerShell and C# WinForms to automate some of our administrative tasks. He had a problem with a C# app and when he started asking me about it, it sounded like a hash table was just what the doctor ordered.

He had seen hash tables in PowerShell but wasn’t quite sure how they would work in C# (he had only cracked open C# maybe 5 weeks ago). Rather than firing up Visual Studio and typing in a bunch of “blah-blah/yadda-yadda” I was able to demo a “C# version” of hash tables in PowerShell.

Once he saw this, he was able to understand how to use hash tables in C#. 

   1: 268 >  $hash = New-Object System.Collections.Hashtable
   2: 269 >  $hash.Add("one",1)
   3: 270 >  $hash
   5: Name                           Value
   6: ----                           -----
   7: one                            1
  10: 271 >  $
  11: 1
  12: 272 >

I just love how PowerShell is continuing to bridge a gap between Developers and Admins. These are obviously different disciplines and both require different skills, but the more we can learn about each one, the more effective we can be in our respective roles.


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